Completed Events & Replays

May 22, 2021 - Wealth Management with Mari, CFA

To help you understand and educate about 401(k), Life Insurance, Tax saving strategies, investments, cash flow generation, I have invited a Charted Financial Analyst to press a session tailored to OPT, STEM OPT, H1B visa holders.

May 15, 2021 - O1 Visa Process with Attorney Dhenu

How you can use Attorney Dhenu's team and expertise to publish papers to get the O1 Visa qualification? Watch this interview to learn more.

May 8 - $533,000 Home with Annoop - 270K in Equity in 1 Year (Vanishing)

Annoop will share his 533K Home buying experience from 2020. He's been a homeowner for a year. I'm sure you will learn a lot from his buying process and the pros and cons of being a homeowner. Replay is Available till May 15, 2021.

April 23 - 2 PM EST - Day 1 CPT Q&A with Attorney Murali

Day 1 CPT, OPT Cap-Gap, Pros and Cons of Day 1 CPT. Watch the Replay.

April 7 - 8 PM EST - Canada Golden Ticket (Vanishing)

Talk to Marc and Josh and learn about Immigration, Work Remotely, or Get placed in Canada Tech Companies. Live Webinar. Live Webinar is free for all Premium Members. After April 15, 2021, the replay will be available only for Premium+ Members.

Mar 2 - 7 PM EST - Attorney Office Hours with Dhenu Maru

Exclusive Q&A event for Premium Members. Come with your immigration questions.  The first 10 mins will be open for the Facebook group, but Q&A is only for Premium Members.

Feb 27 - New Condo buying experience with Ashutosh (Vanishing)

Ashutosh purchased a new condo in December. He's going to share the numbers and his experience + how much he's generating with his purchase.

Feb 21 - Q&A with CPA (Taxes)

Got Tax filing questions? Forum Modi (CPA from Ohio) will join the call to answer questions.

Feb 14 - H1B Visa Strategy Webinar

Got questions about FY2022 (march 2021) H1B lottery process? Watch this webinar to learn more.

Jan 30 - O1 and EB1 Experience with Sujan

Sujan will chat with us and share his experience going from F1 to OPT to O1 to EB1 Visa in this webinar.

Jan 23 - Earn More Money & Cash Flow Quadrant

Earning more money and change your mindset from employee to Self-Employed to Business to Investor + Resources.

Nov 1 - O1 Visa Application Experience

Two Guests who recently got O1 Visa approved are sharing their experience in this webinar. O1 is an alternative for H1B Visa. If you have O1 qualifications, you may also qualify for a Green card via EB1

Oct 23 - FAQ's with Attorney Allison

Attorney Allison Lukanich (first-time guest) will talk about DHS/ICE visits. Your legal rights, what to expect, and how to be handle for such visits. Allison is the family immigration and removal defense attorney at Bashyam Shah Immigration Law Group.

Oct 16 - Wage Level Rule Discussion - Attorney Murali

Interview with Murali Bashyam - Wage Level Analysis and Discussion of New Rule.

Oct 15 - Visa Revocation Experience (Sharan)

Interview with Sharan (Alias). He came back after being denied entry into + USA > Visa Interview for F1 > Cleared CBP. (Associated with Integra)

Sep 26 - ArgoVisa Interview - Maggie & Maddy

Mock Interview + Visa Interview Tips from Former Visa Officers (now Argo Officers).

Sep 25 - October Visa Bulletin analysis - Murali

EB2 to EB3, Green Card Process, Predictions, etc.

Aug 29 - 5 PM EDT - Real Estate Investment Mindset

Interview with Raju - Experienced Real Estate Investor in Land, Mult-Family Properties, and Office Space. The Replay Expires on Sep 6th. 

Aug 13, 2020 - Visa Mock Interviews & Tips with Chris Richardson

Chris - Co-Founder of Argo Visa - Did Mock Interviews and gave several Visa interview strategies.

Aug 5, 2020 - Public Session with Former Visa Officer

Get answers to questions like - Why denial is trouble, and why letter from senators doesn't work.

July 21, 2020 - Canada Immigration Options [Vanishing Webinar]

A replay of Session from July 21 with Attorney Josh S. 90 Minutes Liong with Answers to 80 Questions. Replay Expires for Premium Members on July 28, 2020.

July 18, 2020 - File H1B Lawsuit or RFE Denials - Attorney Wasden

Replay LAwsuit + Denials + RFE.

July 2, 2020 - Canada Immigration Options [Replay Expired]

2 Hour-long Session with answers to over 100 questions by Marc and Josh. The Replay link will expire on July 10, 2020. Upgrade to Canada Express Entry Guide to Watch the Replay.

June 23, 2020- Travel Ban FAQs with Murali Bashyam

Travel Ban Webinar with Murali Bashyam - Plenty of Questions were answered.

June 22, 2020 - Travel Ban FAQs with Niranjan Adhikari

Travel Ban Webinar with Niranjan Adhikari - Plenty of Questions were answered.

Visa Revoked? Watch All Replays Here

All the Three Webinar replays are posted here  - June 10, 18 and 25, 2020.

2 PM EDT - June 18 - Attorney Office Hours with Murali Bashyam

Ask (&talk to) Attorney Murali Bashyam during this Office Hours call. - Focus on F1 Visa Revocation Emails & Impacts

3 PM EDT - June 13 - Coffee with Raghu

Open Q&A Session for 60 Minutes. Just come with your questions and I will hang out for a maximum of 60 minutes to answer them.

6 PM EDT - June 10- F1 Visa Revocation & Impacts

I will share the lessons learned about F1 Visa Revoked & Potential Future Implications Email from the U.S. Consulates. Get an overview & then you can consult an Attorney.

June 06 - 3 PM EDT - Travel Hacking & Personal Finance

You have attended Travel Hacking Part 1 (or watched the replay yet)? We will dig advanced strategies + Handling Personal Finance with Nikhil G.

May 28 - 2 PM EDT - Attorney Office Hour

Attorney Dhenu Maru is answering your questions during the Attorney Office Hour.

 May 23 - How to Start Company on OPT

Want to start a company on OPT to stop Unemployment days? Here's how one person had done it.

 May 18 - "Keep It File" Technique to Land Your Next Job 

How to use the Keep It File technique to land your next job interview (or offer).

3 PM EDT - May 16 - Employee Rights in the USA

Attorney Dhenu Maru is out Guest (first time on Happy Schools). What is your legal right? Is the employment contract valid? What benefits can be negotiated?

May 13 - Job Search Strategies 

Learn how to find Referrals with Actual email templates to get someone to refer with Timeline & Results

7 PM EDT - May 7 - Attorney Office Hours with Niranjan Adhikari

Q& for Premium Members, but event will be Live on F1 Group as well as it's paid for Attorney.

2 PM EDT - May 7 - Attorney Office Hours - Rashmi Shah + Murali

Rashmi Shah will be joining us for the first time (ever) in the Attorney Office Hour call.

May 3: Debate - To Study in USA or Not?

A debate among 8 Panelist - Should Students come for Fall 2020 in Coronavirus Economy?

April 29: Won H1B Lawsuit with USCIS (New Time)

The quality of the audio was really bad, but if you want to file a Lawsuit with USCIS, you one person who has done it.

5 PM EDT - April 25: H1B Visa Plan B Webinar

Note- this is Vanishing Webinar. Only Live Webinar is Accessible for Premium Members. The replay will be Available Under for H1B Visa Plan B Guide. So, Register, Add a reminder to Your Calendar and Don't Miss the Live event.

2 PM EDT - April 22: Attorney Office Hour (Murali Bashyam)

Join the Call and learn about the Impact of Executive Order and ask questions. Join via Zoom (upto 100 guests)

5 PM EDT - April 19: Coffee with Raghu

Open Session for Q&A and News Roundup covering 7 Days Job Search Challenge, Day 1 CPT, Plan B if H1B is Denied, Cold Emailing.

April 17, 2020 - Stimulus Check Webinar with Sprintax

The replay is now available for a limited time. Click the Link > enter Name & email to Watch the Replay. You will have the same experience as Live Session (2 Hours and 4 Minutes).

April 13, 2020 - Public Charge Rule - Cornell University

The replay is now available for a limited time. Click the Link > enter Name & email to Watch the Replay. You will have the same experience as Live Session (2 Hours and 4 Minutes).

April 9, 2020: Attorney Office Hours - Attorney Murali

Open Session for Q&A and News Roundup.

April 2, 2020: H1B Visa Lottery, Status Impact During Coranavirus - Attorney Murali

Open Session for Q&A and News Roundup.