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Let Us Help You Navigate the Twists & Turns of Your American Journey.

For the Most Part, Your Life is On Cruise Control, until this happens...

F1 Students: You have a set routine from Monday through Sunday. Classes, Home Works, Projects, Cooking, Washing Dishes, Washing, Part-Time Jobs, until it's time to find a job.

OPT Students: You have a set routine from Monday through Sunday. You are getting paid in Dollars, living the American Dream until there's H1B Season, Employer is not e-verified or DSO don't approve working as a contractor.

STEM OPT Students: You too have a set routine and having the time of your life with your friend and travel until the last attempt on your H1B is approaches and you scramble to find a Plan B.

H1B Visa Holders: If you were lucky to win the H-1B lottery, it's smooth sailing with H1B Visa. Good savings and life are all set until the project changes or there's an RFE on H1B Transfer, you get married and the spouse wants to work or employer delays your Green Card!

Future Student: You are all filled with the Dream of studying in the USA, but keep concerned about ROI and uncertain, if you will get admission or visa or scholarship.

And the natural response to such a situation is to try and find the answers via your social groups and online. But often the answers online are unpredictable and contradictory.

What’s worse is that the source of the information can’t always be trusted. You’re never sure what’s being revealed and what’s being ‘conveniently forgotten.’ Plus when you do find answers, there’s often no other trusted source you can turn to, verify your answers or ask for an opinion.

It's like standing in the cold rain ..

It's really freezing cold, raining and it's dark. And you feel like you are stranded and helpless.

I had a similar situation in the Summer of 2003. My car Mazda 626 battery died. Texas heat was close to 105F. I did not have any tools to remove the car battery, nor had the money to call a towing service which would cost $150.

I had to struggle. That's part of being a student in the USA and you would face such struggles. You just need to figure things out yourself.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a group of friends huddled around you to help you out?

That's where Premium Membership comes into the fold. Yes, we call the hangout spot as a Huddle Chat (not forums).

So, What's Premium Membership?

Get reliable information at the right time.

Raghu hangs out 5 to 10 times a day in the Premium Membership to help you find the right answers.

Do you want to see how lack of right answer at the right time can change one's life?

Hope you are doing good. I'm pursuing second master's currently.
I went for stamping denied and I'm applying once again is there any chances of approval to get a visa for US visa. Do you know anyone who got the approval for second masters?
Can you leave your number and let me know your available time slots to get back to you and can you share me the link for subscription and let me know what are the services are you offering towards students.

There every possibility this student might not be getting a visa again!

Reliable information did not reach this student at the Right Time.

That's just one example.

Get reliable and timely information that you can use to make an informed decision.


There's a lot more than what's listed above, but you get the idea of topics that we cover in the Premium Membership.

What's Included in Premium Membership?

Guides & Courses

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30+ Guests Interviews covering various topics.


Members join for the contents and stay for the community.

Live Webinars

At least one Live Webinars on Various Topics per month.

Consulting Discount

Discount for Consulting Calls with Immigration Attorney & Raghu.


Expand your Professional Network with Members.

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List of Completed Events

June 2019:

  1. (Jun 30) - Financial Freedom Formula for OPT & H1B Visa Holders
  2. (June 26) - Health Insurance Plan Guide for New Hires via FB
  3. (Jun 20) - Immigration Options for Canada (with Attorney Daniel)
  4. (Jun 15) How to Respond to H1b Visa RFE with Attorney Niranjan Adhikari
  5. *(June 6) - How to Work Remotely from Canada for your US Employer
  6. (June 5) - H1b Visa Plan B & Day 1 CPT Option Analysis

July 2019:

  1. (Jul 27) - How to Improve your Spoken English with Speech Pathologist
  2. (Jul 20) - EB5 Visa Alternative if you don't have 600k

August 2019:

  1. (Aug 24) How to Deal with 221(g) if you are stuck for several months - With Attorney Josh
  2. *(Aug 17) Home buying & Real Estate Investment Part 2
  3. (Aug 7) - EB5 Visa FAQ's for F1 & H1B Visa Holders
  4. (Aug 4) - Fall New Students Orientation - Travel & Moving to the USA
  5. *(Aug 3) - How & Why I Moved to Canada from India (not to the USA)

September 2019:

    1. (Sep 14) Job Search Strategies with Lisa Nichols
    2. (Sep 8) How Two Employees Responded to H1B RFE & Got Approval
    3. (Sep 1) How to Prepare Job Description for Speciality Occupation RFE Response with Attorney Jack C. Sung

October 2019:

  1. (Oct 5) - How to get Unpaid Wages from Consulting Company (one person's story)
  2. (Oct 12) - Beginners Gide for Travel Hacking
  3. *(Oct 19) - What goes behind the scenes at Green Card Process during PERM (with Attorney)
  4. (Oct 26) - OPT & STEM OPT application mistakes to avoid (MUST attend for OPT applicants)

November 2019:

  1. Nov 10 - Job Search Summit Updates
  2. Nov 10 - Webinar for Job Openings
  3. Nov 17 - Job Search Summit Updates
  4. Nov 24 - Job Search Summit Updates

December 2019:

  1. Dec (1 -5) - Job Search Summit with 3 Live and 25 Interviews (Replay was sold for a discount for Premium Members)

January 2020:

  1. Jan 20 - Thesis vs Project vs Course Only  for MS Student
  2. Jan 25 - How to Write Performance Appraisals
  3. Jan 28 - H1B Visa 2021 Webinar with Attorney with Q&A

February 2020:

  1. Feb 12 - Live Webinar with Attorney Murali on H1B Visa 2021 Process with Q&A
  2. Feb 16 - Live Webinar with Attorney Niranjan Adhikari

* Vanishing Webinars - Live Webinar + Limited Time Replay. For Updated list, see the Courses.

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  • Live Webinars & Events
  • Vanishing Webinars
  • Webinar Replay
  • Private Forums

* The Price will Increase to $49/Year from July 2020.

Vanishing Webinars: Replays of certain webinar replays will be available only for a limited time. Later the replay will available as part of a paid guide.

Webinar Replay: When replay is not available, it will be under Vanishing Webinars. In 2019, only 3 out of 20 events were not listed as Vanishing.


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