Did You Get Selected in the H1B Visa Lottery?

So, here's what happens next.

  • Attorney Sends The Selection Notice
  • You will Upload Documents
  • You will complete a Questionnaire
  • You will be asked to Write a Job Description
  • You will be asked to Create a Job Duties Mapping Matrix
h1b selected rfe duties

Before you can complete the Job Description, you are going to ask for help.

You will complete the Questionnaire and Upload all the Documents.

Then Sit Tight and Wait for H1B Visa Approval.

Now, what happens if you mess-up the Job Description?

Well, Listen to This 2 Minute Audio from an Applicant who got H1B RFE, because her attorney did not provide the right guidance to write the Job Description.

Now, you know the following about H1B Visa & RFE:

  1. Job Description is really important for H1B Approval.
  2. The Attorney/Employer hands over the writing job to you.
  3. If you mess-up the Job Description, then RFE could be Issued.

So, What can you do?

How can you write a Solid Job Description?

How to create a Job Duties Mapping Matrix?

Where can you learn what should be included in the job description?

H1B Visa Statistics for the 1st quarter of 2020.

H1B Visa RFE Rate - 47.2%

Odds of Approval after RFE is 67.2%

In Simpler Words.

47 out of 100 H1B Visa Applicants Received an RFE.

Only 37 out of 47 Got Were Approved After RFE. 

10 Applicant's H1B Visa was Denied!

I'm sure you have heard about Speciality Occupation RFE.

Applicants who have Masters in Computer Science Degree Working as DevOps engineer got Speciality Occupation RFE and Later H1B Petition is Denied!

I'm sure you have read several such posts in forums and groups.

So, what can you do to write a Solid Job Description?

Do You Want to Know How can you help your Attorney Prepare a Strong H1B Visa Petition?

Of course, USCIS is the Ultimate Decider, but I'm sure you want to do your best to help your Attorney File a Strong Petition. Agreed?

I have interviewed Immigration Attorney's who have taken Proactive Approach to file H1B Strong H1B Visa Petitions to Premtively Include Additional Documents to Avoid RFE.

But, your Immigration Attorney has no idea about what you are doing on your job on a Monday Morning or Friday at 3 PM at Work. Right?

They don't know anything about your job, day to day duties, roles, and responsibilities.

They are using the documents that you give them to write the Support Letter.

But, how do you know if the Job Description you wrote and Job Duties Mapping is Solid enough?

As this person described in the above video. She did not know any of the concepts she learned from during this live session about Writing the Job Description.

You can't blame your Attorney. It's your job, you know it better than anyone.

How Do you Know the Job Description and Job Duties Mapping is Great (or Good Enough)?

I got the Right Guides for you and they are included with Premium Membership.

What if you get access to a

  • Detailed Instructions from an Immigration Attorney, who walks you through STEP-By-STEP to write your job description?


  • And you Learn the Strategies Used by Attorney's to Respond to RFE and Reverse Engineer the same and use it for your H1B and not wait until RFE comes your way?

I know what you are thinking...

Where can I access those webinar replays?

It's in the H1B Visa Guide. It's part of Premium Membership. You get these two guides & ton of other interviews with Premium Membership.

What's in the RFE Response Guide?

  • Interview with Two H1B Applicants who got RFE.
  • They Discussed How They Prepared Documents and Replied to RFE and Got Approval.
  • Shared their Job Responsibilities Matrix for you to Review.
  • One Person was Working as a Contractor
  • Another Person was Working in IT, with Not-IT Background.
  • Both got H1B Visa Approved.

What's in the H1B Guide

  • Learn How to Write Your Job Description (explained by Immigration Attorney's)
  • A replay of H1B Visa Events & More.

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