How to Register for Live Webinar?

When you join, it can be quite intimidating because there is so much information. You are not sure what to do or where to go. you are probably looking to attend an upcoming Live Webinar.

All upcoming Live Webinars and Links to Register are listed on the Dashboard


Where to Watch the Replays?

You can find the links to watch the replays in a couple of places, but you may have guessed by now - the Dashboard contains links to recently complete events as well 🙂



Where do I start?

When you join, it can be quite intimidating because there is so much information. You are not sure what to do or where to go. Here is a sequence of steps to help you. The steps are tiny, and they are aimed at getting you comfortable. Each step will take you just a few minutes to complete.

This is the sequence I recommend:

  1. The first step is to introduce yourself
  2. Ask your questions

And remember, this is a safe zone.

You have joined Premium Membership because something is bothering you. We are here to help (Raghu and 100's of members).

The motto of Premium Membership: Be kind, be helpful or be gone. And if you’re ever stuck (for whatever reason) just post in the forums. 🙂


Premium Membership is a Library. There's Guides, Interviews, Articles, and Forums. there's a lot more than what you can consume in a few days or even months.

And the Library is growing every day.

Are you going to get married, just ask what and how you should plan for your dependent visa?

Need to change jobs? Just ask how you should plan your visa transfer.

Planning to go on a trip? Just ask what's a good place to see.

You will either get a short answer or webinar or it may end up as a guide.


Your Account

Account Access

You should have received a bunch of emails. One of the email contains your password. Login user id will be your email id. You can change the password from the Account Settings Page.

Payment Receipt

Check your Payment Receipt and verify your purchases. You can also view your order history in the Account Settings.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]


How to Contact Raghu?

To Schedule a Consulting Call, you to go to Ask Raghu Page and directly schedule the discounted call. 

If you have questions about account access, billing, and payment or general support questions, send an email to [email protected]

How to Change the Password?

To change your Password

  1. Go to Account Settings
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Click Edit Your Password

Does Premium Membership Auto-Renew?

Question: Can you make sure the Membership will not auto-renew?

Premium Membership is on Auto-Renew until you cancel. Your renewal date will be listed on your payment receipt and in your account settings. You can cancel the membership anytime before your next renewal. We don't have an option to stop auto-renewal. When canceled, the cancellation will be effective immediately. 

Can I Upgrade from Monthly to Annual Plan?


It's really simple. 

Go to Account Settings > Subscriptions.

Click On Upgrade Plan

How Does the Billing Work?

For example, if your Monthly Plan was purchased on the 15th July, and on the 1st August you switch to an Annual Plan, your card will be billed the cost of the Annual Plan on the 15th of August. Pretty Simple Eh?

How to Cancel Membership?

You can do it with a couple of clicks. 

If you joined After Feb 20, 2020, you can Cancel the Premium Membership Subscription from your Account Settings

Migrated Members: (If you Joined Before Feb 20, 2020)

You will handle the cancellation from the Thrive cart Customer Hub. 

Pending Cancellation - What Does That Mean?

After you cancel the Subscription, you will see Pending Cancellation Status on your Account. 

Your Account will be Auto Cancelled One Day before the Account Renewal. 

Cancellation Process is Automatic. 

This Applies to Both Monthly and Annual Plans. 


What is the refund policy?

Until June 18, 2020: You have 7 days refund policy. 

From June 19, 2020: 7 Days Money back guarantee policy is being removed. Hence all sales are final.  Refund Policy Page is also updated to reflect this. 

Why is this policy changing?

Premium Membership is primarily Live Webinar driven. Several Members join just before the event. We have seen a pattern, where members join, attend the event, and request an immediate cancellation and repeat the same process for the next event. 

Hence, the 7-day money-back guarantee was removed. 

Where can access my other purchases?
Question: I had purchased certain plans like 7 days job search, Canada Express Entry. Will I have that access even after migrating to the new portal? And also, when enrolled for premium it was 24$ it was mentioned it will be the same for every year, will that change in the next renewal.
You will continue to access the other guide purchases at Courses.HappySchools.com
This portal is exclusive for Premium Membership and Related contents. I don't have plans to migrate the access for individual purchases for existing premium customers as yet. 
Your membership plan will not change. Your plan will renew at the initial cost you paid. If you paid $24, that's the renewal cost. 
How to Change my Display Name?

Users whose accounts were migrated will have the Forums Display Name set to Email ID.

You can change that here. 

  1. Go to Account Settings 
  2. Dashboard
  3. Edited Password and Details
  4. Display Name

My account was migrated, what do I need to know?

If you are reading this, then your account migrated successfully.

Now, it's time to browse around. 

Check the following links:

Account Settings

Courses Enrollments & Progress (Top Menu - Right More Corner Icon)

How to Change Membership Plan for Migrated Users?

If your account was migrated from the previous portal, your Credit Card and Membership Renewal is managed at Customer Hub located at Thrive Cart. 

You can find the link to the Customer Hub under the Account Settings Page. 

Enter Your Email ID to access to Customer Hub. 

As a returning customer, I can join at old rate?

We will gladly welcome you back to the membership. You will pay the Offered Membership Fee (mostly higher than the current rate) when you rejoin. 

Do you have a question?

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

If you don’t hear back from me in 2 days or less, it means I haven’t received your email.

Have fun!

P.S. Remember that Premium Membership is a Safe-Zone. When you become a member, you come under our care, protection and guidance.