What to Wear for Your Visa Interview

I was getting ready to apply for my F1 Visa and debating between the color of the shirt to the color of the formal trousers.

One guy in a forum would post that Visa officers don’t like dark color shirts. Stick with light blue color for a pleasing appearance. That’s all Bull Crap!

You should be presentable and wear what you feel comfortable.

  1. Formal Dress is not a requirement.
  2. Dress for your comfort.

Here’s what a Visa Officer Said about “How to Dress for the U.S. Visa Interview.”

There’s no dress code whatsoever. Try not to dress too formal (it’s uncomfortable and unnecessary). Just make sure your clothes are clean and tidy and you’ll do fine.
Jeans/khakis and a polo shirt would be my recommendation as a jumping off point for both male and female visa applicants, but T-shirts are also fine, as are maxi dresses, Hawaiian shirts, etc.

Yes, she said Jeans, Polo Shirt, and Maxi Dress to Hawaiian Shirt. I know you are about to jump off the bridge hearing this.

Here’s the thing. I will not take that for granted. Plan to wear the clothes that are going to make you look professional for the visa interview.


  • Full Hand Shirt
  • No Round Neck T-Shirts
  • Formal Trouser or Khakis (decent looking)
  • Colors: Have contrast (light pants with Dark Shirt or Dark pants with light shirt)
  • Avoid colors that match your skin color.
  • Tie – Not required (but if you would feel comfortable, then wear one)
  • Trim your facial hairs (or get a good shave) if your culture would allow that.
  • Shoes: Formal to Semi-Casual (not sneakers)
  • Belt: No crazy looking buckles


  • Shirt and a Pant with same color rules (Light v’s Dark) (OR)
  • Skirt: Formal Knee length skirt with sleeves
  • Jeans – I wouldn’t not recommend Jeans.
  • Comfortable Shoes that suits your dress.
  • Makeups – Keep it simple and clean.
  • Traditional Dress (Sarees to Chudidhars): I would avoid them if possible for F-1 Visa Interview.

Remember: Your answers are that counts. As long as you don’t look really crazy or hippie, you should do just fine.

Best dress for the Interview: Wear Your Smile.

What I’m about to share is something that happened in South America U.S. Consulate. I’m copy-pasting an article from another website and you can find the link below.

This was a result of a lawsuit when the Department of State was sued by Robert Olsen (who used to be a Visa Officer). He was instructed to approve or deny U.S. Visa based on looks and English skills, etc. I’m sure such practices don’t exist any longer. But, the lessons I want to convey here is, dress, apparently for the interview.


Link to the source.