Task: Fix Your Resume

Task Title: Fix Your Resume!

Action Items: What items did you fix in your resume after reading this guide?

I have reviewed several resume during Job search strategy calls and they are no where near what an employer would want to see.

Some resume looks like it was written by someone who can’t read and write English.

You are International Students!

You are here after proving you can read, write and speak English.

Plus, most of the members here are Graduate Students. But, I’m amazed to see the resume that honestly looks a spammy webpage filled with ads are every corner.

I agree to this fact: Everyone’s Resume is beautiful to their eyes.

I posted about importance of Whitespace in the Facebook Group (Forbes Link).

Then you would have seen the blunder at Oscars this year.

Here’s a logical explanation of why Typography Matters.

When I see the resume, I’m skimming your resume for things that stand out. But, what stands out is “its incoherent”.

There’s no pull for my eyes to important elements in your resume.

Then the Language.

Then missing indentation.

Then the missing sub-sections.

Then redundancy of skills and contents.

Then Objective (not required for most resume).

Then the issue with Page Length.

Then there’s no way to see if you have done any of the stuff you have listed.

There’s no Show and Tell.

There’s just Tell, Tell and Tell. It’s just I, I and I.

Then “incomplete resume” 1.5 or 1.25 pages.Your Resume should be either 1 or 2 full pages. I always recommend 2 Full Pages.

Then the colors and formatting! Keep it Simple!

Then the Margin in One Page Resume. Someone told you to have one page resume. Guess what? There’s no an inch of space on the resume. Every white

How to Fix Your Resume

– List all your projects (write 2 to 4 pages or even more)

– Then get it written by Resume Writing Professional. PERIOD! (Happy Schools Resume Writing Service)

I have seen less than 3 resumes that doesn’t require a Professional Editing it.