Body Language and Power Pose to Show Confidence

This section will the biggest key for you get your F1 Visa.

All your efforts – Test Prep, to application processing to time and money spent comes down to 2 minutes of F1 Visa Interview.

I’m going to show you how to

Be confident

Become confident

Look Confident

Act confident

Even if you are nervous, you can fake your confidence by “Science backed techniques”.

But, if you practice the following from the day you read this, you can actually “get rid” of your nervousness and tension and uncertainty.

You are going to walk into the interview with one single thought – “I’m going to Ace this interview”.

Amy Cuddy – Body Language

You can change how you feel and behave by changing your body language and posture.


High Power Pose – That’s the pose, I want you to practice. Especially when you are going to the interview, you should be in your “High Power Pose” when you

  • walking to the consulate
  • when you sit on the chair
  • when you are walking toward the interview window
  • When you are answering the question

Here’s the Video

Now you know the concept of “Power Pose”. Here the actual science behind the concept

After you have finished watching this video, read the following blog post

Remember This:

You have to master this part – Power Pose.

You could have several negative factors in your profile, academics, Test scores, etc.

Or you can have the best profile and fail to perform during the interview.

But, you have 100% control on your body language and your confidence should convince your Visa officer to give you visa, coupled with answers that they want to hear.