Strategize Your Job Search in Just 7 Days 

For F1 Visa Internship, OPT, STEM OPT, H1B & H4 Visa Holders

What's This Challenge About?

You have aplied for 100's of Internships and Jobs and There's No Interview Calls from Employers!

Ask Yourself, if you continue to do the same "actions", how can the result be any different?

This 7 Days Challenge Will Help you to Strategize the Job Search Process.

No More Random "brute-force" Application. Take Control of Your Job Search. 

Get More Interview Calls.

Each Day, You Will Get a Task Related to Job Search Process.

These Tasks Are Designed To Strategize Your Job Search in a Structured Way.

Takes About 1 Hour to Complete Each Task.

The "777" Job Search Challenge

Social Challenge

Job Search is a battle between you, your laptop. It's a lonely process. Your friends are not sharing the "IT" factors that made the difference. Maybe they are, but you are not picking it up.  So, we are making this Challenge Social. See what other members are doing. 

Track and Measure

To graduate with a Degree as F-1 Student, you need GPA of 3.0+. Home works, assignments are check points. You can measure and track. Do you have similar metrics to Measure and Track for your job search? We will define those metrics.  

Learn By Doing

When was the last time you took a Class, Attended a Lecture, and Received Grde on how is your Knowledge on Job Search Process? Here's your opportunity to acquire the job search skills to get hired. Challenges include tasks that push your limits. 


This is Nikhilesh, I was a member of your career lab program, but due to my personal reasons I couldn't continue in it. I am in my final semester majoring in Electrical Engineering and my field of interest is Computer Networking and cloud computing. I want to re-join the Career Lab, but I am not sure whether it is still running or not. If yes, I want to know the complete details. (Feb 2018)

C Das


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who should join the Challenge?

What kind of tasks will be assigned?

How long is the Challenge? 

How Much Does it Cost?