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This Job Search Masterclass challenge teaches you the step by step process your land your next job using "Referral Engine".

6 Weeks Challenge Includes

  • Day 1 to 10:

    This first 10 day is what you will Create a Plan to Execute a Highly Targeted Job Search Campaign that you can reuse and replicate for every job you will apply in your Career. You will have 1 to 3 tasks per day for the first 10 days that would take 1 to 2 hours per day to complete. 

  • Day 11 to 20:

    A typical LinkedIn profile is a replica of your Resume! That's going to Change! You will Optimize your LinkedIn - From your Title all the way to the Influencers you follow. You will get formulas and tactics to Optimize the LinkedIn Profile along with specific interviews to watch. 

  • Day 21 to 30:

    Get ready to step out of your comfort zone. It's all about Relationship and Information Interviews in this 10-day span. What good does it do with a shiny profile if it's not put to use? You will have tasks to do Instant Networking, Job application via Instant Networking while conducting Information Interviews to build relationships. Are you ready to build relationships that offer value? 

  • Day 31 to 40:

    t's time to improve your Interview Tool Kit - Resume, Cover Letter and creating a "Keep It File". You will also create a repository of documents and templates and interview answers.

  • Day 41 to 50:

    You will not be hiding behind a resume any longer. You need a personal brand to showcase your personal side of things and the technical side. You will create a simple (no coding) personal branding website. All you need for 5 to 10 key pages to showcase your personality. Y

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Lalitha Got Full-Time Offer


 I got a full time and I will be joining on Feb 5th. I have learned a lot from all your courses. 7 Days Challenge really helped me!

Chanakya Got 2 Job Offers

chanakya das

I took up the 7-day challenge and that completely changed my job search approach. I found myself with two full-time job offers within a couple of weeks. It was those 7 days of rigorous job searching tips and tricks aided practice that made me better at applying for jobs