Write Your Answers for F1 Visa Interview Questions

I want you to write answers for all the questions for your F1 Visa Interview Questions.

Write = Type and Hand Write.

Yes, that’s a lot of questions, but you have to be “ready for the worst case scenario”.

How to Prepare Answers:

First, you will write the answer in a Google Doc.

Then, you will be writing answers when you are practicing them using some visualization techniques.

Hand write? Sweet.

I know it’s tough, but hey, anything that’s worth having in your life ain’t going to come easy.

The difference between someone who is going to be ready for any sort of questions and those who are memorizing the answers to some is right here.

If you hand write the answers, then it’s double practice.

That’s it.


Skill You Need here: Answering the questions the right way and practicing them, so you can answer without any flaw.