Task: Write a Success Story


  1. Task Title: Write a Story
  2. Publish the Story as a Reply in your Forum Topic.

Here’s the Plot of Your Story:

You have found your dream job. Describing the Journey you took to get that job.

  • Length –¬†Atleast¬†150 Words.
  • Feel comfortable to express yourself and the journey you took
  • It’s ok if you are not a writer. I still suck at my writing. Don’t worry about grammar, but check for spelling with spell check.
  • Even if you want to write as a bullet points, it will work.
  • I know some of you will not be comfortable writing and sharing. Hey! That’s the challenge. I said your limits will be pushed!

Here’s additional guidelines (if you want inspiration).

Be as vivid as you can. Include places, colors, sounds and exact moment.

  • Include how you want your application experience
  • How does your successful First phone interview experience look like?
  • What kind of clothes you were wearing.
  • Where did you apply this job from?
  • How was your travel to on-site?
  • How was your final interview experience.
  • Describe the moment you received your offer email or phone call.

Why we are doing this: Power of Visualization. This will set the tone for what your job search journey ahead. We do the same exercises at the end of of the Challenge.