Task: Company Research

Task Title: Company Research and Questions to Ask at End of Interview.

Action Items: Pick a Job Posting you can find online from an Employer from your list. Assume you have In-Person interview lined-up. And you are going to be interviewed by 6 people. As part of interview prep, you must do Company Research and list of Questions you plan to to Ask Each Interviewer. Follow the instructions below and do a research on the company. Submit the list of questions you have prepared to to ask 6 people.

When it comes to getting ready for, attending the actual job interview, you have multiple tasks to do.

1. Company Research

2. List of Questions to ask at the End

3. Interviewer’s Background Research

4. Technical Questions and Answers

5. HR Interview Questions and Answers

1 and 3 should be done after your interview is confirmed.

2, 4, and 5 should be done way back. Not after Interview is confirmed.

Today’s task is Company Research.

Pick a job openings that you can find on Indeed.com for a title.

Assume you have an interview in 2 days.

How will you research the company? What info do you need to learn about them?

Here’s a List:

  1. Read latest News and events
  2. Read about Products they offer.
  3. What product team is hiring you.
  4. What customers are talking about that product
  5. Product Features
  6. Financial Analyst Review of the Company and Product
  7. What negative feedbacks are you reading
  8. List of competing products and features
  9. Why this product is better?
  10. Are they filing GC, H1B.
  11. How many GC has been approved in the past

Why are you doing Company Research in middle of the Challenge?

What will you talk to a contact as part of networking if you don’t know about the company?

You are sending cold email. Maybe they will have an call with you. What will you ask them? How will you create an impression?

You need to know about the company and products and technology.