Welcome to LinkedIn Challenge

Welcome to the 7 Days LinkedIn Profile Challenge.

You are going to do one simple and obtainable task to improve your LinkedIn Profile in the next 7 Days.

For people to take you seriously, you need a BIG Personality.

A Profile that reflects your BIG Personality.

A Profile that Showcases your Big Personality.

Your Profile can’t be a Replica of your Resume.

You will be updating your Headlines, Summary, Getting More Endorsements, etc. In short, you are going to be polishing your dull and lackluster LinkedIn Profile.

How to Get Started with The Challenge:

This challenge is one part of the 4 Weeks Professional Networking Challenge. The first week of that Challenge is converted into 7 Days LinkedIn Profile Challenge.

Day 0 or 1 – You will watch the Video (recorded from the Live Session of 4 Weeks Challenge).

Then Execute the Tasks every day – One or Two Obtainable Tasks per Day.

Read the highlighted word – Obtainable.

Allocate 1 Hour per Day at the exact same Time for next 7 Days. You have to open your calendar and schedule it.

If you have completed the 7 Days Job Search Challenge, you know what I’m talking about.

What gets scheduled, gets done!

Good Luck. Once you complete this Challenge, there would be 2 to 3 more LinkedIn Challenge coming your way.

I STRONGLY Recommend you to complete the 7 Days Job Search Challenge before starting this Challenge.