Welcome to F1 Visa Coaching

Welcome to F1 Visa Coaching. I look forward to coach you to reach your dream goal of studying in the USA.

What’s Included in the F1 Visa Coaching:

  1. We have three minutes meeting for a total of 45 minutes.
    1. Strategy Call – 20 minutes
    2. Mock Interview 1 Р15 Minutes
    3. Mock Interview 2 – 10 Minutes

So, What’s Next?

  1. Read the Accept the Disclaimer
  2. Submit Your Profile Details via Questionnaire
  3. Watch the Video Tutorials
  4. Schedule Your First Strategy Session
  5. Post the questions via this Forum
    1. Use email, if you want an earlier meeting slot or to communicate logistical issues
    2. Use the Forums for Questions about other discussions related to your interview

It’s highly recommended that you completed watching the Video tutorials before our Strategy Session.