Welcome to 7 Days Job Search Challenge

Welcome to the 7 Days Job Search Challenge.

How This Challenge is Laid Out

  1. Education/Information Content
  2. One to three Tasks per Day
  3. Action Items After Each Day

Task vs Action Items:

  • Tasks = this is specific to you job search
  • Action Items = this is for you to stay accountable

Example – You tell your friends on Jan 1 that you want to exercise every day for next 60 days.

  • Task – You going to gym or running or zumba class or cross-fit, etc.
  • Action Items – Come back to facebook and tell them every day about your progress (either you did workout or you did not)

For some Days, Tasks and Action Items will be the same.

Make Sense?

Hundreds of people have taken this 7 Days Challenge.

I found a common theme with those who come back to report their success.

Those who took this Challenge Seriously found job shortly after. 

Seriously = Allocated Time and Completed the tasks, every single tasks within 14 days of starting this Challenge.

World-renowned UCLA Behavioral Scientist, Dr Robert Maurer, found that any sort of change a person experiences, good or bad, is perceived as a threat by the brain and can stop you from taking action.

Therefore, the ideal way to avoid triggering that the fear response is to make the perceived change so small that it is literally impossible for you to fail at it. This, at its most basic level, is a micro-commitment – a small incremental step you can take to move forward without feeling fear around your action.

You have been used to applying for jobs a certain way or know only one way to apply – Search for a job title, submit the resume. We are going to make you relearn an new and effective process by baby steps.

Goal of This Challenge: 

You probably agree that you want a job without much effort and pain.

It’s entirely possible, you just need to stick to the plan and not revert to default process.

You will take small baby steps (tasks).

Old actions = same results. Agree?

Job search can be long and daunting process.

Top Achievers and those who climb the career ladder faster are well aware of this and they have taken effort to hone each and every aspect of job search process.

It’s been the effort I put into learning those skills resulted in 100% success rate of all In-Person Interviews in my Career!

Wouldn’t you want the same result? Wouldn’t want to hone the skills one time, that can be used for entire life and career and for future job search?

Just commit to completing the tasks in next 14 days. 

Doing this Challenge is more like forming a new habit.

Habit formation takes ton of will power. But, it can start with a tiny first step.

Every Day, you will spend 30 minutes to 1 Hour to complete this Challenge.

And as I said, you can start with baby step. If you look at 1 hour per day, it may look a lot.


You will learn about you, the current process that you follow and what can be done differently. Perhaps, this will give an opportunity to think, why you are adopted a specific job search process and apply the same self-discovery to all the process you have adopted without any specific reasons.