How to Form New Habits & Examples


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Action Items: Nothing for you to report.

While this Challenge is on, I have been hosting the Coaching Membership call and Job Search Strategy Call.

Some members are doing every day. Others are doing the tasks every 2 days.

Some, think, this would not help and haven’t started.

Forming new habits takes time. So, What I do when I want to form new habits.

– If this, THEN do this. 

I apply oil to my hair and I’m poor at doing this. Especially in winter times, with dry heated air, your scalp needs good moisture. But, I hat the feeling of oil hand after applying oil, so I don’t do it.

Then, I did this.

I will not brush in the morning, if I don’t apply oil to the hair.


I Brushing Teeth, then apply Hair oil.

By coupling related activities, you can form new habits.

Next. Smart small.

If, you want to develop new website. Maybe you have anxiety to programming, so you are not taking any steps.

So, make it easy.
Write just one line of Print Statements for 7 days, everything you open your Facebook.
Want to make to still easy?
Every time you open your email, then you should also open the editor.

Baby steps counts.

To plan ahead, Here’s how to use bullet journal.