Tips to Stay Relaxed During Your Interview

Stay Relaxed.

That’s the Key.

Stay Relaxed.

Practice Power Pose.

Keep Your Smile always on.

Talk to strangers.

Small Talk Helps.

Talk about where they are from, what visa they are attending and where they are going.

Talk about the consulate.

Make a joke.

Share a laugh.

Don’t stand with frozen foot and hands.

Stay relaxed.


Avoid this Biggest Mistake:

You will get to listen to others interview happening in front of you. The worst thing you can do is to get tensed based on rejection in front of you.

The technique I use to Relax:

  • Slow Breathing.
  • By slowing down your breathing you can calm down your nerves.
    • Breath In: Count to 4.
    • Breath Out: Count to 8.
    • Observe your breath.
  • Visualize the air intake and exhale.
  • This will calm you down instantly.
  • This will work magic.

Also, practice the Power Pose – Body Language.

People in F1 Visa coaching will get some exercises that you can use at any instance to relax.