The 20 Factors Job Search Framework

This Webinar is a Replay of the Live Event I did for promoting the Career Lab.

Learn the 20 Factors Based Job Search Framework. And this the basic framework that is required to have an high-impact successful job search.

Far too often job seekers resort to the path of least resistance and easy route, one that requires ZERO skills.

Search and Apply Online using job search portals. If you want to do that, then don’t complain about not getting interview calls.

Don’t be this guy applying for 1000 jobs. They are typically using mass resume submissions (aka SPAMMING) to apply for jobs.


And Job Search is NOT a NUMBERS Game!

My wife followed this exact Framework – Aug 2019 and applied for about 10 jobs and 2 Offers. Pitched one over the other and Deal with done.

Last time I applied for and attended an interview was in 2013. One Message via LinkedIn Messages. Received Phone Call in less than 2 hours om Friday. The interview was set for Tuesday. Received Offer on Friday. (So, 8 days!).

Before that, it was back in 2008. I was going to apply for a job at RedHat. Sent an email to my contact, asking her to introduce me for an Information Interview with her connection. My friend, was like, I did not know you were looking for a job. Send me your resume. Resume went from her hands to Hiring Manager Desk. Got the interview call and got the offer.

By the way, the friend who referred me to EMC, she was my Mentor (found her through MentorNet, before LinkedIn) and she knew everything about me from 2003. 5 Year Relationship = Instant Job Offer.

What’ I’m teaching here was learned and acquired from spending hours and hours on books coaches and mentors. And not to mention thousands of dollars on expenses. I have made is really cheap and accessible to many.

So, you have to get out of your comfort zone and start networking and acquiring the job search skills. Anything that is worth having in your life doesn’t come easy.