Task: Update Your LinkedIn Summary

Task – Write a Story About Yourself in LinkedIn Summary Section. Make it Personal.

If required listen to the Instructions from Day 1.

  1. Review the Sample Summary Below
  2. Compare that with your Summary
  3. Take a moment to think what’s lacking and what needs improvement.
  4. Don’t look for perfection.
  5. LinkedIn is Work in Progress.
  6. Focus on Improvement. One task at a time.
  7. It’s tough to sit and write a story on Day 1.
  8. But, ACT Now. Start working on the Summary.
  9. If you have time, and idea, complete the draft today
  10. Or Write 3 sentence today and come back to it again.

Example 1: Link to Profile


Example 2: Link to Profile


Example 3: Link to Profile



Action Items:

Share the link to your LinkedIn Profile in the Forum Topic you created.

Let’s see how your Summary is after this task.

Was it easy to write a story and create a Summary?

What did you have in the Summary before this Task?