Task: Update Your Headline

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If you want to stand out, then your LinkedIn Headline should be Unique and Turn Heads.

List of Symbols to Copy Paste

Headline Format 1

Adjective – Current Title or Seeking New Title – Specialties (with Symbols) – Hobby (optional) – Call to Action

Experienced Digital Marketer. ✔ Sales Automation. ✔ Conversion Expert. NFL Fantasy Nerd. Lets Connect

► Experienced Digital Marketer ► Sales Automation u0026amp; Conversion Expert. NFL Fantasy Nerd. Read On ►

Other Options:

Actively Seeking Internship for UI/UX u0026amp; Full Stack Development | Grad Student at UT Arlington

VLSI Engineer Graduating in Dec 2018. Looking for Full time Chip Design Engineer.

Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer – Building Apps That Converts Using. Expert in Ruby on Rails.
IT Business Analyst – Helping Companies Translate Ideas Into Products. ► Grad Student @ UT Austin