Task: Skills List

Task: Skills Generator – List Top 5 Skills that you are good at?

List top 5 to 7 skills that you are good at. If you were to apply for jobs, what are the top 5 skills that you will be able to talk in detail during the interview.

When you are listing the skills use the following approach and this is the exact process I use to make decisions.

  • You have a total of 100 candies.
  • Assign any number of candies to your skills.
  • More candies you assign, better you are at that skill.

Example: Blogging (70), Writing (10), Marketing (10), Social Media (10).

Why this approach? You will know the Top areas for you to focus your search efforts.

I see people listing MS Office in the skills.

Are you an Excel expert user?

Can you write scripts to perform complex operations?

Have you formatted and published a book in Professional Quality using Word?

For a Writer, Word editing skills would have more candies than C programming.

For a Data Analyst, Excel skills would have higher Candies. Now, you get the point.

List Top 5 Skills in Following two Areas:

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Soft Skills


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