Task: Job Titles & Buckets

Task: List 10 different job titles you are interested

Why do you need to find the job titles and why 5 to 10 titles.

When people apply for jobs and new to the job search, they start with something like “Software Engineer Jobs” or “Electrical Engineer Jobs”. Every company uses different job titles for their job posting.

The goal here is for you to learn what are your Top Skills and what are someone relevant job title employer posts that lists those skills.

Without a specific title, you are basically going to be in the loop. Every day will be a challenge when you are getting started to apply for a job. You keep searching for the same title every day, find a same job listing sometimes and feel frustrated. Let’s avoid this.

Action Item: List the Job Titles You have Identified for your Skills in the Forum Topic.

Watch the Video Below (1 hour in duration) and towards 20 minutes mark, I explain why you need multiple job titles in your job search tool kit with an example.