Task: Double Your First Degree Connections

professional job search networkign circlesThink Network as circles.

  • Circle 1:  Family Members
  • Circle 2: Friends
  • Circle 3: People you meet at networking events, meet-ups, professors.
  • Circle 4: Your Mentors
  • Circle 5: People you meet in conference, hiring managers, HR personnel’s.
  • Circle 6:  Industry leaders.
  • Circle 7: Potential Hiring Managers and HR professionals
  • Circle 8: Influencer’s

Now, consider these circles as concentric circles.

It’s easy to build your network up to level 3.

It takes effort to build your professional network for Levels 4 and above.  Students who end up finding jobs without a ton of effort are those who get good at building their network beyond Level 4.

You have the tools to find the people to connect with.

Double Your First Degree Contacts. (up to level 3)

First Degree Contacts in Real Life = People You have Met in Person. 

Add everyone you have every come across in your life.

Take a moment to think about this. In a course you took in college, do you have every member in your list?

You go to a friends get together, you exchange phone number. Are they on your LinkedIn?

What about your High School Friends?

What about the student from China and Middle-East who took the class with you last semester?

How about your Professors, your TA?

How about the folks you received you from the Airport?

What about the friend you meet in the Walmart?

Find every possible ways to add connections and keep building.

Unlike Facebook, people will be willing to add you to their network.

Task: Double Your First Degree Contacts.

You will be amazed to see how your network size grow, just by adding everyone you already know to your network.