Task: Attend In-Person Networking Event

By end of this week, one of your task is to Attend an In-Person Networking event or one face to face meeting.

This could be an event in school or from meetup.com or a networking event arranged by college or you find a connection via LinkedIn.


Attend an event or one person with the purpose of building your professional network.

This can be your mentor or someone who can refer you to a job future.

It can’t be a person you know before.

Establish new lines of communication and setup a meeting with a person you never interacted before.

It can be a professor or group of people attending an event.

You have to shake hands, exchange contacts and tell them what you do and why you want to meet the.

If you haven’t been to a networking event or met anyone other than relatives and family with the sole aim of asking for a referral later, it will be nerve racking for many. Especially for International students.

So, you should push your limits, get out from your home and reach out, make a contact and attend an event with group of people or one person. But, it has to be face to face.

Exception: If you find someone via LinkedIn or other tools, then Virtual meeting or phone call is allowed.

If it bring chills to even think of doing this on One Week. Then you know you have a weakness. If you are cool, then see if you can do more than one.

Here are few good resources to make this happen.

  • Meetup.com
  • On-Campus Networking event (Ask Your Career Services for Upcoming Events)
  • Toast Masters Club
  • Startup Weekends
  • Tech Talks
  • http://www.shapr.co/

Action Items:

Create a New Forum Topic – “7 days LinkedIn Profile Challenge – Your First Name”

Share what are you doing to get new connections and how are you preparing for this meeting

What is going through in you mind to make this happen in one week.