Video: 47 Questions & Answers Copy

Some of the unanswered questions from the Webinar is answered in this video.

  1. How long doe it take to get Canadian citizenship? I’m currently on my OPT which started 2 months ago. Can I reenter US after living in Canada for few years? What are my options?
  2. Can I get Visa from USA instead of going back to India?
  3. Do Indian teachers have a carrier in Canada without having the teaching certificate of Canada or overseas?
  4. I have given IELTS, my over all score is 7 and individual score 7, 6.5, 6 and 7.5, what is the possibility go me getting to CANADA or minimum requirement for someone on OPT and want to move to Canada?
  5. I am on h1b in USA. Is MS in US mandatory for Canada immigration? What is the process to follow for folks like me?
  6. When to apply for Canada PR, considering that I might get H1B in 2019.
  7. Would there be any issues while H1B stamping if I have Canada PR stamp?
  8. Does PR in Canada also allow entry into the US without a USA visa?
  9. On the average how long does the whole process take? If I apply first, once I get PR can I then apply for Spouse PR?
  10. Can we convert TOEFL to IELTS score and submit ?
  11. Does my application get considered every 15 days or only once? If it doesn’t get picked, do I have to apply again?
  12. IELTS Test – General training or Academic?
  13. Once I get a Canada PR, how should my wife and parent come to live with me permanently? Can my spouse work or will she have to go through the Canada PR process?
  14. I have been in the US for past 2 years, do I require both FBI and Indian police verification document or only FBI verification document?
  15. If we get PNP from one province, can I move to different province after reaching there for settling?
  16. Is there a workaround the financial documents if we have everything else checked?
  17. For how is the IELTS report valid ?
  18. Can I get a PR, then work in Canada for 5 years and then come back to India?
  19. I will finish my masters in December. Also, I have 3 years of experience in US before I started my masters here. When should I start my Canada process?
  20. Can we directly send transcripts to WES for Evaluation? I Have a US masters who will send the official transcript to WES, but I doubt Indian BTech and MBA university would send.
  21. If I apply as family, should we both stay in canada for 2 years to maintain status?
  22. Do the funds in bank statement need to show for long time? will it work if I deposit money in my account , a week before I apply for PR?
  23. Does my GPA play a role in the points? Do backlogs matter as well?
  24. Say you have 7 years of experience and worked for 4 companies: from whom should I take the letter as proof of experience ?
  25. How long is Canada PR valid if we do not go to Canada and still stay in US
  26. Is the EE a rolling process? Will my application be considered only once or more than one? Assuming cut off once is 450 and mine is 445 and next time it is 440?
  27. How do we know when the nomination opens for a province?
  28. Is IELTS Paper based when I try to book it is only showing paper based
  29. Can I use teaching assistant/research assistantship experience acquired during a US master’s/PhD a work experience ?
  30. I worked through staffing company about a year in us and changed my employer to work through another employer. Does staffing company provide work experience letter?
  31. Process for intra company transfer from the US?
  32. Can I get a PR, then work in Canada for 5 years and then come back to India?
  33. How can parents and spouse come to live with me after I get PR?
  34. You mentioned we should show bank statement of around $15K. Let say I start my process today I got everything done in 50 days. At the time of submission, If I show the bank statement of $15K for one or 2 monts. would they accept or reject?
  35. For the bank statement, is it ok if I deposited money a week before PR application?
  36. Can u suggest an attorney who can help for ppl with lower scores help get the PR?
  37. Is IELTS paper based?
  38. What would be good learning resources to prepare for IELTS EXAM?
  39. Can we file multiple applications with different scores?
  40. Can you please post the link for the article, regarding IELTS prep?
  41. If I have any question to ask in future, how can i approach you?
  42. You will receive one copy of your Test Report Form. Those applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will receive two. You will need to provide the test center with proof of application to CIC. This was given in IELTS website how to show proof? What is the proof of application to CIC?
  43. We have 1 year to make a soft landing in Canada after getting ITA right?
  44. Please suggest IELTS Books for preparing?
  45. What happens if I don’t stay in Canada for 2 out of 5 years after getting PR, what happens?
  46. Do they provide exception for financial documents if check the other boxes?
  47. I work in US, and my company branch is in Canada. Do I still have to go through express entry stuff or just work directly in Canada?