Task: Practice Your Interview Answers

Today, you are going to be tested! Get ready to feel uncomfortable.

Task title: Practicing Answers

Action Items: Answer the following questions

  1. How did it you feel when you watched the recorded answers?
  2. Did the your expectation and recorded performance match? If not, explain the difference.
  3. What did you learn about yourself from this exercise?
  4. Where do you want improve and how?

Till date, we have been writing documents, getting ready for interview calls. Today, let’s focus on what you will do in the interview. How your answers should look like.

Here’s a simple task for you.

Step 1: Create a visual picture of how you want your answers to sound, how you want to feel when you are answering the questions.

Step 2: Prepare answers to the 3 questions listed below.

Step 3: Stand in front of the mirror and record yourself answering the 4 questions using your phone (audio and video)

Step 4: Watch the recorded answers. See if you visualized expectations matches the reality.

Step 5: Answer the questions in google docs about this experience.

Visualize how you want your answers to sound when you talk to the interviewer.

Start recording yourself speaking that answer in front of a mirror.

Answers to these Questions

  1. Tell me About Yourself
  2. What is your biggest weakness?
  3. Why should we hire you?

After answering these questions, play it back.

You had visualized how your answers on how it wanted to sound, how you wanted to look when you are answering. Look for body language, if you were comfortable looking at yourself in recorded video, etc.

You have to feel really comfortable listening to yourself. The only thing you know your limits, how you would sound when you want to convince another person. That starts with listening back the recorded sessions. Don’t stop this practice just with Job interview prep, this applies to any area of your life, where are in a negotiation situation.

Action Items:

In your first try, Tell me About yourself. How did you sound? Do you think, that answer is STRONG and Acceptable and not long twisted and long?