Tools and Resources

Check the Uploaded File for Daily Planner.

  • Spell Check: Grammarly app
  • Measure Language:
  • Project Management or To Do List:
  • New Habit Tracker: Way of Life App (mobile)
  • To Do List: Todoist, Notepad, Pen and Notebook or Bullet Journal
  • Calendar: Google Calendar or Fantstical 2 (mac)
  • Notes: Evernote (my fav) or Google Keep
  • Cloud Storage: Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Manage Time Spend Online: Rescue Time
  • Time Tracking: Clockify (free) to track how much time spent on challenges.
  • RSS Reader: Feedly
  • Free Video Conferencing with screen share:
  • Productivity: Pomodoro Technique
  • Pick an app for Meditation and Read this Book


  • Jocko Podcast
  • Productivitist Show
  • One Plus One