Job Search Approach – Time & Effort

Now, you get an idea of where the course is heading.

Job Search takes time and effort. That’s why I have been repeating –

Your first day in the USA is your First Day of the Job Search.

80% of Your Time Should be Spent on Passive Phase of Job Search.

If you are approaching the job search this way (Networking First), as we are discussing simple tasks, you will make incremental progress toward landing a job.

I do understand that, some of you might be looking for easy, checklist of items to find a job, but there’s no such option, unless you have a rich uncle who can give an offer. I don’t have one. If you do, you wouldn’t be here as well right?

Keep up with the process and tasks. I’m pretty sure, you will be in much better shape than your current job search process.

What about I’m short on Time? What if I have only 15 days left unemployment left on OPT?

Finding a job in 15 days on possible only if you have a contacts or well into interview cycle. You are at this point, because your existing approach did not help you land a job or for some unfortunate reasons, you in this spot.

When you are in this situation Time vs Legal Status, you are going to find a consultant or join a college to find a way to stay in legal status.

Skills, you are learning in this Challenge are for long-term Job Search Skills.

Then to track all this, you need to stay organized. Plan your week of activities with Metrics to Track.

They don’t teach this step by step process in the college. It’s your life and career, and and you are going to ace this right?

How to mange this networking?

Break it Down:

I will send 5 next connection requests per week

I will track how many are responding

I will track why people are not responding (is it your email or linkedin profile is not optimized, etc)

Can you schedule 2 meetings per week with an “action person”.

Then schedule activities to improve on Technical Skills, Resume updates, Online Branding via Social Media profiles.