How to Answer The Visa Interview Questions

1. You have to Smile.

Wish them Good Morning or Afternoon with a Smile.

Answer the Question They Ask, not based on your assumptions.

I repeat.

Example: When did you graduate?

Answer: I graduated in the year 2013. That’s it.

Don’t say, I went to this college and graduated in 2013 with 3 backlogs.

They did not ask which college or how many backlogs.

2. Answer the question they ask.

There should be no extra word than what is required to answer their question.

This is why you have to practice your answers multiple times.

3. Your answers have to be Decisive.

If you have practiced your answers, then your answers will come out strong, confident and decisive.

Have you seen answers when you are not sure of what you are saying? That shouldn’t happen.

You should know what to speak and how to speak. Be decisive with your answers.

4. Don’t Lie

Just don’t lie.

If you lie, then don’t get caught.

I have seen students lie and get a visa. You better be a darn good liar.

If you get caught lying, then forget about Entering USA (ever again).

People come to me after F1 Visa Rejections asking for consulting when they were caught lying.

I flat out refuse to help them. Why? They lied and got caught. I can’t work my magic with them. So, Speak the truth.