Task: Fix Your LinkedIn

Task Title: Fix Your LinkedIn

Action Item: Add Contact Details Section below your Name in the Google Doc and share your LinkedIn Profile. Invite others members from this Challenge who shared the URL to your network. Also, list what itmes did you fix in your LinkedIn after reading this guide.

Let’s fix your LinkedIn Today (There is a separate LinkedIn Challenge in Multiple Parts).

I recommend you to complete this Challenge and Start with Other Challenges.

1. Make sure, you don’t copy paste your resume on LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn gives opportunity to express your personality professionally.

3. Groups you are part of, Influencers you follow, recommendations, structure of your contents, plays a role in creating an impression.

4. Don’t have a blog yet? Why don’t write an article in LinkedIn?

5. Photo: Please use a professional head shot. Bright plain Background and smiling head shot.

6. Get Recommendation. Did you do a group project in a Bachelors or Masters, have your teammate write a Recommendation. If you list a project or work experience, get 1 or more recommendations.

7. Clean URL.

8. LinkedIn has a wall page life Facebook. What are others seeing when you see your profile? Is it empty? then it’s not good.

9. Just like any other channel, LinkedIn requires work and effort. It’s not a Set it and Forget it tool.

10. People tend to be active in LinkedIn ONLY when they are searching for job. That’s not the way to use LinkedIn.

11. Contents in the LinkedIn gives vert good insight to hiring manager about your written skills. So, make sure its error free.

12. Find a book in your Library for LinkedIn, spend 2 to 3 hours and optimize it. It will be the time well spent.

13. Tip: If you like to connect with someone, but they are out of reach, join one of the group they are part of. then you would be able to connect with them.

14. Is LinkedIn Premium Necessary? Depends on how you are utilizing your time to find contacts. I have seen cold interviews for well written profile optimized for highly targeted keywords. So, find ways to make your brand unique.

If you say, you are a Java developer, then its’ really hard to get interviews calls. But, if you do an open source project for a specific industry, then you have a better chance. Key here is not to be generic.