FAQ's About Completing DS-160

Here are additional tips to remember before completing your DS-160

Save the Confirmation Number

  • As soon as you start the application, you will be assigned a DS-160 Number
  • Save that DS-160 number.
  • And also other names that will help you retrieve the DS-160 information later.
  • Once DS-160 is submitted, it can’t be edited.
  • For changes, new DS-160 is required
  • Complete all the pages, then take a print out and review the details.
  • If you have doubts, then clarify it, double check before submitting the form.

1. Completing DS-160

  • Please complete the DS-160 on your own.
  • Don’t allow your consultant to start the DS-160 or complete them for you.
  • You have more problems when someone completes the DS-160 form for you.

2. Speak the Truth

  • If you have relatives, then mention them
  • If you have a break in your career or school, then let them know.
  • Do you have a double degree, then list them.

3. Save the DS160

  • Take a backup of DS160 as you complete every page.
  • You can restore DS160 later from the backup

4. Reasons for Rejection

  • If your visa was denied in the past, you can choose to list the reasons for denial with a single sentence or explain why you think visa was denied.
  • There’s really no right or wrong way to answer this.

5. Sponsors

  • In some case, you sponsor listed on I-20 could be a different person for the interview.
  • There may be questions around that, but it’s ok to have a different set of sponsors.