Task: Define Your Ideal Job


  1. Add 10 more Employers to the List
  2. Write your Ideal Job Description
  3. Don’t copy an existing job description from a posted job online.
  4. Submit the work

By now, you have a List of:

  1. Job Titles, Career goals
  2. List of top skills.
  3. List of Employers

Today you have 2 Tasks:

  1. Write your Ideal Job Description
  2. Add 10 more Employers to the List.

Task: Write Your Ideal Job Description

Next, let’s make it rain!

You have seen job postings, probably several posting.Today, you are going to write one.

You are going to write a 10 to 15 line job description that matches your “ideal” job.

  • First 5 lines – Describe the nature of the job and the company, product.
  • Lines 6 to 10 – Job Responsibilities and Requirements (use bullet points here)

Why 3 writing exercises to start the challenge:

Job Search takes time and effort. You should clearly know what you are applying, what is your ideal job and where do you want to go with your life.

Do you think NASA would be able to launch a spacecraft without knowing where the shuttle will be located in space at this exact point in time in the future? No, they can’t and they will not. Then why should you be flying blind with your career?

For NAFSA failure is not an option, but you can choose to fail today and pick-up tomorrow. But, if those days add up quickly, you have graduated, no job in hand and forced to find consultants.

Task 2: 10 More Employers

This should be pretty easy.

Go to Indeed.com or LinkedIn job search portal.

For your zip code or nearby major city, find top 10 employers that you wanted to work by looking a current posting.

Don’t browse the job openings.

Only make a note of their Name and add it to the list.

That’s it for today.

Action Items:

As always, after you finis each task, head to the forums, your thread

  • share how did todays task go,
  • what did you learn about you in this process
  • did you face any difficulties wit today’s task?
  • what is your ideal job description?

You don’t have to share your Target Employers List (but if you wish to share, then go ahead).