Task: Create a Target List of Employers


  • Task Title: Target Employers
  • Compile a list of Target Employers (25 Employers)

Note – while collecting the list of employers, don’t search for job openings.

The goal here is to collect only the list of employers.

Let me repeat – DO NOT search for job openings that fit your profile while collecting the list of employers.

You should know, by now, what kind of job you are going to apply, what is your skill set.

Now, you are going to compile a list of 25 Employers in following order.

1 to 10 = Your Dream Employer.

Note: Don’t search in Google for name of employers to start with. Try to fill as much as you can from your knowledge. When you hit the dead end, then use online resources.

If you hit a dead end before naming 10 employers, it’s a reality check for you. Take a Rocket Launch for Example. Can NASA plan to launch a Rocket without knowing at what second the boosters will separate? Evey second and milli-second is planned and rehearsed.

You should have similar approach towards your job search. Know what job you need, what skills you need to get that job and how you are going to get that job.

you shouldn’t be fishing for a job with a wide net. You need a specific bait and fishing rod to catch a specific kind of fish.

11 to 25 – List based on following Criteria

1. Your family members work there

2. Your friends work there

3. Alumni work there

If Family and Friends doesn’t add-up to 10, then go to the Alumni and find out.

Alumni Search:

Ask for Alumni Directory Access. Even school has access to Alumni database. If not, use LinkedIn to find graduates from your school and where they work. This task shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete.

Action Items:

By now, you know what to do with Action Items 🙂

1. Was it easy to come-up with the Employers Name without searching?

As you can see we are eliminating “Randomness” in your job search. Without a specific plan, random search and apply will result in poor results and response rate.

It’s easy to type in the name of an employer as your Dream Employer, but I want you start thinking, along the following lines “Do you have what it takes to get the job with your Dream Employer?”. Your Target Employer vs Your Skills vs Your Ability to reach that goal.