Get Your Ducks in a Row

What are we doing today?

In the past 15 years of my Career, I have seen several Indian and Chinese Students start working on my company and the team.

Guess what they are doing for the first few weeks after relocating to a new place for this job?

They are depended on Taxi and Uber and co-workers to give them a ride.

And to make things worse, some don’t have a Driving License.

Get Your Ducks in the Row.

That includes at-least learning to drive a car if you don’t know yet.

And not to mention, get your Driving License.

If you happen to relocate to places where I worked Melbourne, Florida and RTP, NC, there’s ZERO public transportation.

You are maybe going to school where you would be able to survive on your friends car or public transportation. But, YOU are GOING to be driving in the USA sooner or later. Don’t wait till you get a job to learn to drive.

Advantages of Drivers License:

Get your DL within first few months after coming to the USA. Even if you are not going to be driving you are building driving history.

2 Years if DH would help lower your insurance when you buy the car.

My team mate got a $14k Civic without Driving History. Guess the monthly insurance cost? About $230. I’m paying $400 for 6 months for $30k car.

Why this has go to do with Job Search Challenge?

You need a way to commute to work! Right?

Action Items:

You have ton of tasks to do today. So, how many items did you fix today? What did you learn about your resume, CL, LinkedIn today?