Cold Email Template & Schedule

Use the following Email Template to contact your list.

Dear Last Name,

My name is Raghuram Sukumar and I’m a UTA Graduate (2005) who found your information using the Alumni Database. Can I talk to for 30 minutes to ask about your experience at GE? I’m trying to learn about Software Engineering Careers in Manufacturing Companies and your insights would be helpful.

I understand that this maybe your busy time, so if we are unable to connect by email, I’ll try to reach you next week.

Thank You

First Name.

Simple yet powerful email template to use.


Day 1 – Send Email

Wait for 3 Days. If no response, Send a Reminder.

Day 4 – Send email to your second contact.

Wait for 3 Days. If no response, Send a Reminder.

Rinse and Repeat the same for Top 10 Employers.

Now, you can imagine, you need a system to track this.

Spend 80% of Your Time Networking If you Want To Find That “Action Person”.

One contact is all you need to land your dream job.

Use tools like Boomerang Extension for Gmail.

Set a reminder to bring the email to inbox in 3 days.

Happy Cold Emailing!

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