Task: Career Goals

I have witnessed the power of writing the goals on a piece of paper of a tool!


It works like Magic.

Task: What is your Career Goals

0 Years – My first job after Graduation, I will be doing/working as ______

2 Years – 2 years into my Career, I will be doing/working as _______

5 Years – 5 Years into my Career, I will be doing/working as _______

When I do F1 Visa Coaching, I ask my students to do the same exercise (below). Guess what answer they give (99% students)?

  1. I will be a software Engineer as first job
  2. I will be Senior Engineer in 2 years
  3. I will be a manager in 5 years

They are very predictable. So, let me warn you, do be the same person.

I have been in the USA long enough to tell what your Career Path will look like. I seldom see anyone with Engineering Degree moving to Manager Role in 5 years (not even after MS in some Engineering, 10 years work + MBA). On the surface this task looks easy, to answer this, you need to do some market research on Career Progression.

Once you have found the answers, written it down, head to your topic in the forums to post the answers along with answers to following questions.

  • Was it easy for you to write the Job Titles?
  • How long did it take to find the Career Progression?