Task: Action Items


  • Task Title: Networking Challenge
  • Answer questions at end of this page.
  • Share it in the 7 Days Challenge Thread you have created.

Contacts you find during this process is yours private contents. Don’t share it with the group. But, I do know the difficulties of Networking. It takes a lot of courage to get out of the University, go to a networking event and introduce yourself and speak-up.

My first Career Fair, I was invited to a reception with Texas Instruments. It was really hard to introduce myself and speak-up. I came back to the room and felt so disappointed. I decided this should never happen again.

So, I want you to share anything that comes to your mind about Cold Calling, Meeting in person, attending events.

People are happy to email via LinkedIn. But, it’s a different ball game to stand and meet in person. Then, if you muster the courage to meet, what do you talk about? How to impress them? Do you straight out as for a job?

All these are not easy, but for an extrovert person, it may be easy, but not for others. Answer the following Questions and share them in Day 3 google doc.

Answer These Questions

1. Have you attended any networking event till date? If so, how did you perform, how did you feel?

2. When you think of talking to a stranger to network, do you feel anxious? How do you overcome it?

3. If you were to attend a networking event of 50 people with another friend, would you stand just with the friend and wait for another person to approach you or split up and meet all 50 people?

4. What is your 60 Second Elevator Pitch (aka tell me about yourself)?

5. If the intention is to build relationships, what topics are you comfortable talking about other than jobs?

6. Any other feelings or thoughts do you like to add here?

7. What steps are you taking now to Create a list and calling them?