Task: Create 9 Email Templates

Task Title: Email Templates

Note: I’m not providing these templates. You would have to research and write on your own. In the Career Lab, I talk about Job Seekers Repository. These 8 Templates are part of your Repository. When you have these templates, you can edit and resume when required. Else, every time, you have to google to create one. That’s not productive and it will not be as effective as the one you have prepared when you have time (not under pressure).

You maybe inclined not to create these, but trust me, put in the work, so you have time to edit and rework. If not, you will be fumbling your way to create an average letter to send on the 11th hour.

Create These templates for Future Use:

2. Accepting Interview Request with Date and Time Confirmation

3. Accepting Interview Request, but requesting for different date and time

4. Send Thank You email after the interview to interviewee when you have their contact info

5. Send Thank You email after interview when you don’t have the contact info

6. Follow-up email after no response to cold email introduction

7. Follow-up after job rejection (after interview)

8. Referral Request email to your known contact asking to refer you to another contact

9. Thank You email after phone interview.

After you have completed writing and creating these in you repository, go to the Forums Topic and answer the fillowing

Action Items: Answer the following questions:

  1. If your interview went very well, how should your follow-up email look?
  2. If you interview did not go well, how should your follow-up email look?
  3. Did you have a repository of documents for your job search other then resume and cover letter before this challenge?