4 Ways to Practice Your Answers for Visa Interview

Practice is the Key.

After you have prepared your answers, you have to Practice multiple times.

What do I mean by Practice?

  • Repeat your answers along many times
  • Make sure it sounds right
  • Fine tune your answers.

Why Hand Write Your Answers:

I want you to hand write your answers when you are preparing the answers for Visa interview questions.

Why thinking about what you are going to answer is NOT ENOUGH.

Hand Write = Hardwiring the answers to your brain.

Tools for Practice

  • Voice Recorder (cell phone)
  • Video Recorder (cell phone)
  • Real Person ( multiple)
  • Mirror
  • Quiet Place
  • Lots of Courage

Practice 1 – Speak Out Loud

  • Stand in front of the mirror and speak the answers.
  • Watch how you look and feel.
  • Repeat this 3 to 5 times
  • Record all your answers (audio only)
  • Listen to the recording. Do you like it, hate it or love it?
  • You should “Love it”.
  • When you do this, your answers will sound very different than what’s in your handwritten answers.
  • Why? That’s the reality. You can imagine this is how I’m going to speak, but when delivered it will feel different, look different.
  • You have to get this perfect!

Practice 2 – Video Record Answers

  • Same as above, but record yourself in the video.
  • Stand in front of the mirror ( or ) keep the camera in front of you.
  • Speak to the camera
  • Ask the question and repeat the answer
  • It will feel awkward to talk to a camera for the first time
  • But, YOU Have to DO This.
  • You have to Master Your ANSWERS.
  • Failure is Not an Option
  • Repeat it 3 to 5 times or till you “Love it”

Practice 3 – Real Person Mock Interview

  • Now, have your friend ask the question
  • Have them observe your body language, answers.
  • Answers should be natural
  • Have them be critical of your answers.
  • Repeat the same with 2 more person

Practice 4 – Mock Interviews

  • Now you can do the mock interview with me
  • I will ask the same questions
  • by now, you should be fluent with answers
  • We can fine-tune how you speak, look and answers feels
  • You should be well versed to handle any type of questions
  • Fluent and flawless with your answers.
  • This combined with Body Language – Power Pose should get the Visa