1.1 10 Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Study Abroad

So, you have a shadow of thought about studying abroad. Before you commit yourself to go through the process of studying abroad, you have to carefully analyze the following factors

  1. Are you ready to handle life in a different country?
  2. Can you stay away from your parents for a long time?
  3. Can your parents handle the financial responsibility?
  4. Do you have the determination to study for few more years?
  5. Life will throw several challenges while in USA. Are you ready for that?
  6. Above all, are you willing to work hard to complete Graduate degree
  7. Job Search will require a lot of effort, are you prepared to do work hard on finding a job?
  8. There wouldn’t be campus interviews where companies hire 100’s of students. You must find a job. Of course I will show out exactly techniques I used to find multiple jobs in another course.
  9. There is no easy way out, you cannot simply assume that you cannot find job without trying, be MUST be willing to put your best effort.
  10. Always have a backup plan if things don’t work out to study in USA.

I believe the major factor will be #3 and #7.

IF there is a job guarantee after completing a degree in USA, many parents will be more willing to send their kids to study in USA.

Let me say you this.

Don’t approach higher education in USA for the sake of money and how long it will take to repay the loan.

I call this as “Pay Day” problem.

Most students and parents are thinking about the day you are going to get your first salary and start making payment to the loan.

Do you agree with me?

If your  thinking is limited to finding a job and making money? You are missing out on the bigger picture.

I understand that you have to invest lot of money ( around $40,000 to $60,000) for your college degree in USA.  Why are you limiting your scope and view just to find a job and paying of your student loan?

This is what I called “Pay Day” problem. Limiting your scope of thinking to just money and paying your loan.

What you need is a “shifted mindset“.

In the next video, I will explore in detail about this Pay Day problem and why you need to have a shifted mindset.