H1B Visa Plan B - Day 1 CPT or Not?

2021: H1B Visa Plan B

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3. H1B Visa Plan B - Exploring the Options (Pros & Cons) - Mid-Late April

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Are you looking for ways to stay in the USA?

Do you want to Continue to Work in the USA?

Then you have a handful of options.

One such Option is Going Back to Study & Spending More Money!

Going back to a specific type of University - Day 1 CPT University.

This search for H1B Visa Plan B is new for you.

If going back home is not an option (for now).

You are worried about what your family and friends will say about you.

How do you pay-off 25 Lakhs (Indian Rupees) in Loan?

Ever since the H1B Lottery started, I have seen the same scenarios play out for many years now.

Every year in April to June - Same Questions Comes-up and Everyone dealing with this go through the same Emotions!

I have been witnessing this and helping people create a best-fit plan for their needs for a while now! That's Several Years Now!

But, for YOU. This is the First Time.

You are Thinking with Emotions under Stress.

But, you need to make a Logical and Informed  Decision about Day 1 CPT University or Other Options.

Many of you are inching towards joining Day 1 CPT University ASAP (or before OPT Expires). Right?

Your Point of View is Driven By Your Friend's Circle.

If one person you trust attended Day 1 CPT and Got H1B, then you Assume you will do the same and it will work out!

How Sure Are you?

There's no guarantee of H1B Lottery Selection Next Year!

Students Join Day 1 CPT University for a short-term fix without taking a long look at potential problems.

Students have had problems with Day 1 CPT.

They Don't Share Their Problems in the Group.

They share with Close Friends and that's it.

Unless you know their friends, you don't know the Problems!

But, I do!

They Talk to Me. They Share their Problems.

I can share them with you.

And, you can make informed decisions.

Know About the Problems. Then Take Steps to Avoid or Plan for It.

Maybe you may avoid Day 1 CPT University.

With immigration roadmap, you plan ahead.

You expect the potential for problems. You learn and stay away from getting into trouble.

People who are getting into day 1 see only their friends who have a happy ending.

I wish and pray for everyone to have the same good ending. In reality that’s not the case. Right?

Would you rather know the problems and avoid them or deal with the problem head-on?

You have exhausted H1B chances.

Now, you have to invest an additional 20K or 30K.

All I’m offering is a way for you, before joining Day 1 CPT University, know your options.

Make the Right and Informed Decision to avoid potential future problems.

I will be hosting a Webinar for Premium Members About Day 1 CPT!

It's a Vanishing Webinar (Only Live session is Included for Premium Members) then the recording will be moved into H1B Visa Plan B Guide.

We will discuss the Day 1 CPT secrets (aka hidden problems).

What's in The Live Webinar

Day 1 CPT - Pros & Cons

How to Pick the Right Day 1 CPT University

Cap-Exempt H1B Pros & Cons

Other H1B Visa Plan B Options

By the way, Several Immigration Attorney doesn't recommend Day 1 CPT University at all.

I don't recommend Day 1 CPT.

But, I will discuss the potential problems that await and Give Recommendations.

I have seen with folks run into and you decide. Deal?

This Live Webinar is Only for Premium Members.

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