Immigration Attorney Office Hours Only for Premium Members (Free Consultation)

Consulting an Immigration Attorney is Expensive.

You Know That. Right?

Ask an Attorney Through Happy Schools - Phone Consulting Strats at $65 for 20 Minutes Call.

Some Immigration Attorney's Fees are high as $400 for 20 Minutes Phone Consultation.

As a Premium Member, you can speak to an Immigration Attorney for Free During Attorney Office Hours.

We have been hosting Attorney Office Hours Bi-Weekly or Weekly Calls Since Jan 2020.

It's Costs Just $29/Year to Join Premium Membership.

If you get Answers to One Question, That's as Good As $65 or $400 in value for you.

If you want to have a Private Conversation with an Attorney?

Sure. You get $5 OFF with your Regular Ask an Attorney Phone Consulting.

Join Premium Membership Today.

We typically host the Event with Attorney Murali Bashyam on Thursday at 2 PM EDT. You Can Talk (as in Speak) to the Attorney During the Office Hours as long as we host the Attorney Office Hours.

How to Join the Attend the Call?

After You Join the Premium Membership

Verify Your Email ID

Log in and Go to Dashboard.


Premium Membership Includes

H1B Visa Application Guide

Interviews with Attorney's to Submit Strong Application.

H1B Visa RFE Guide

Strategies to Avoid /Respond to RFE. Interviews with Attorneys.

Exclusive Interviews

40+ Guest Interviews on Various Topics - Study to Lifestyle.

7 Days Job Search Challenge

Best Job Prep Starter Guide to Kick Start Your Job Search

Webinar Replays

Several Exclusive Webinar Replays from Past Events.

Execution Plans

Checklists and Execution Plans for Visa Interviews & Lifestyle.

Members Forums

Active Members Only Forums for Questions and Answers.

Live Events & Webinars

Free Attorney Consulting and Premium Webinars

Discounted Calls

Discount on Attorney Consulting or Consulting with Raghu.

Does this membership cost $50 a month? Or $100? Or $200?

It’s unreal, but Premium Membership is so inexpensive. It’s so inexpensive that most people think there must be a catch. How can you get so much for so little? Many memberships charge $200 a month? How is it be possible to ask so many questions and get answers? There has got to be a catch.

And yet no there is no catch.

You get everything just as it is described here on this page.

Join for Just $29/Year (Prince increases to $49/Year shortly).

How to Join Premium Membership?

Premium Membership is a recurring membership. This means that your credit card will be automatically billed when your membership comes up for renewal. However, there’s nothing to fear, as the system allows you to cancel your membership at any time, (you can do this from your own computer) and your card will NOT be re-billed in the next cycle.