company on OPT

Webinar: How to Start a Company While on OPT.

Why Would You Want to start a company while on OPT?

Reason #1 - You have an Idea, Products & Services that you wan to offer/sell.

Reason #2 - To Stop Unemployment Days from Being Counted. (Added Benefit)

Reason #3 - Maybe you just want to start a company to avoid unemployment & do freelance work!

I'm sure you have plenty of questions

  • Is it allowed? Can OPT students start a company?
  • What if you really don't have an idea about running a business?
  • What if I don't have any money or an investor?
  • Do I need a U.S. Citizen as a Partner?
  • What is the process to start a company in the USA?
  • Would USCIS approve H1B Visa or STEM OPT?
  • Would my DSO approve of my company?

That's just a beginning.

You want Proof.

You want to talk to someone who started a company.

You want to learn from their experience.

You want to ask questions!


That's Exactly What I will be doing with this Special Guest, who will share the following experience. He's not an attorney, but someone who completed MS in the USA!

Guest will share his experience -

  • How to Start a Company
  • What Kind of Company
  • What kind of Work is Allowed
  • What kind of Work Did he Perform
  • How Much Money He earned
  • Did He Get STEM OPT
  • Did his DSO approve the Company?

Live Interview followed by Questions and Answers.

So, when is the Live Webinar?

May 23, 2020, at 11 AM EDT.

How to Attend the Live Webinar?

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